giving trees a voice

Romanian forests make up about half of Europe’s last remaining primeval forests. Sadly enough they fall victim to illegal deforestation. While the Romanian government fails to protect its natural heritage, we have decided to take matters into our own hands and give trees a voice.

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How it works:

We have developed a self-sufficient chainsaw-detecting device, which is mounted on tree trunks. Via a built in microphone, it infallibly detects chainsaws within a 20 meter-area and sends out a warning signal if the tree is about to get cut down.


A criminal lumberjack starts his chainsaw.


By measuring volume, motor-rotations (bpm) and sound-duration the device detects the chainsaw.


The Screaming Trees device sends out an alert signal.


Local authorities, nature activist and local population receive a notification to take action.

watch over the trees

Decibel Level


(beats per minute)

Sound Presence


Layer 1

This is a live feed from installed Tweeting Trees devices. You can follow the measured data of volume, motor beats per minute (BPM) and sound-duration. If volume and BPM reach the level of a running chainsaw, with a sound duration of at least 60 seconds, we have a parameter match. The device immediately sends out a warning signal.


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Your donations keep us going and growing. With your financial help we can build more devices to expand protected forest areas

Spread the word – tell your family and friends about Screaming Trees. The problem is not only about illegal deforestation in Romania, but also anywhere else in the world. Our precious nature needs protection and the best protection is a change of thinking.

Let’s raise our voices to give trees a voice.

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